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This page has been kept here for referal purposes only. If you are interested in this product please contact John Ballance by e-mail at thank you for your interest. By purchasing an Oregano2 Licence you will receive, by post, an Oregano2 activation PIN. You can use this PIN to register a demo copy of Oregano2 which will then automatically update online, when registered, to become a full copy.
You can download a demo copy of Oregano2 from here.
You can purchase an Oregano2 licence online by choosing one of the products below, or by contacting us with your order details.

Oregano2 prices

Product Code Description Ex VAT Inc VAT
ORE20 Oregano2 Single User Licence £84.26 £99
ORE21 Oregano2 Education Site Licence (20) £199 £233.83
ORE22 Oregano2 Education/Business Site Licence (40) £299 £351.33
ORE26 Oregano2 Second Copy Licence £55 £64.63

Oregano2 upgrades from Oregano prices

Product Code Description Ex VAT Inc VAT
ORE23 Oregano to Oregano2 single user licence upgrade £49 £57.58
ORE24 Oregano Primary Site Licence to Oregano2 Education Site Licence Upgrade (20) £100 £117.50
ORE25 Oregano Secondary/Business Site Licence to Oregano2 Education/Business Site Licence Upgrade (40) £150 £176.25

If you are upgrading from Oregano to Oregano2 ensure you have your Oregano PIN number. You will need your Oregano PIN and an Oregano2 PIN to register Oregano2. You will find your Oregano PIN either on the back of your Oregano CD case or by clicking Menu, the choosing Help/About in an Oregano window.