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Oregano2 trial version

The RISC OS web browser

Oregano2 includes 128bit SSL encryption technology which is subject to EC and UK Export Licence restrictions. The software may also be subject to import and/or use restrictions. However this software may be used freely in a wide range of countries providing it is only used for the purpose that it is supplied for.

We are obliged to ask you to agree with these terms of supply by choosing "I Agree". If you do not agree please choose "I do not agree" below.

I warrant:

  1. That I understand that this software, and its underlying technology, is subject to export controls;
  2. That I am not located in an ineligible destination country under the EC & UK export restrictions and U.S. sanctions regulations (currently including Afganistan, Angola, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Burma (Myanmar), Burundi, Croatia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Nigeria, North Korea, Peoples Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong SAR), Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Uganda, Yugoslavia (Federal republic of).;
  3. That I am not a Denied Party, Specially Designated National, or other person or entity prohibited from receiving exports by UK or EC. law - ;
  4. That I will not export or re-export the software and other licensed materials to any prohibited destination, entity or individual without the necessary export license(s) from the relevant export licensing authority.
  5. That I will only use the software as intended and not disassemble or use any part of the code for other uses.

If you reside in one of the above countries Oregano UK Ltd will have to apply for a specific Export Licence. This may considerably delay your order and it may be the case that Oregano UK Ltd will only be able to ship the Oregano2 software only. You are not permitted to download a demonstration copy or order/register a full copy on line. Please contact Oregano UK Ltd by email for full and further details.

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